Lecon's USP

Our Unique Design Processes

We drive global sales through quality and high performance standards, and are part of the national Make in India movement.

Impedance Measurement

“You get what you measure”

We separate ourselves from the competition by measuring the impedance of the reactor coils which guarantees the starting current of the motor as promised to the customer. We follow strict quality norms outlined in IEC-60076-6.

Versatile Design – Offering 5 voltage taps:

Motor manufacturers specify design tolerance of 20% as per IEC-60034 for starting current and starting torque. Further, the driven equipment will also have some tolerances due to change in the environmental and operating conditions including the valve positions. Thus, even the best designed soft starter will need to have flexibility to accommodate above variations in motor and driven equipment. Hence we offer versatile design with 5 different voltage tap designs – Design Tap (DT) (DT +5%, DT +10%, DT +15%, and DT +20).

VPI – Vacuum Pressure Impregenation

VPI is the gold standard in MV equipments. We adopt a unique process of impregnating our coils with resin to ensure that it enters each turn, layer and interstice. This allows the coil to be a single rigid mass, allowing for unmatched rigidity and insulation integrity. This allows for mechanically rigid coils while maintaining strong insulation and heat dissipation properties.

Short Time Temperature Rise Test

We inject DC current to ensure that coils withstand the starting current for twice the amount of acceleration time that the coils are designed for.


Understanding the customer power system, studying the voltage drops on the source bus and offering the most optimized motor starting solution is one of the unique capabilities of Lecon.
Protection of the capital equipment is very important in any power system; it is important to understand the power system from source to the load and accordingly program any relay.
Lecon Engineers are well trained to program all protection relays of any make. Lecon engineers visiting customer site for commissioning of our products will support customers in programming protection relay which adds huge value to our customers.