Welcome to Lecon Energetics Pvt. Ltd.

  • Lecon Energetics Pvt. Ltd. was carved out of the existing team of Lecon Systems in 2014 to provide advanced solutions in Motor Starting Applications. We bring to our 27-year-old Lecon brand associated with providing rigorous customized designs and specialized services
  • We design, engineer, and manufacture customized motor starting solutions from 20kW to 20,000kW (415 V/3.3 kV/6.6 kV/11 kV/13.8 kV voltage rating) using FCMAplus/HFSR soft starters as per IEC 60076-6/IS555-3
  • We also manufacture detuned filters and capacitor panels up to 13.8 kV
  • We serve industries in Water Supply, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Steel, Fertilizers to name a few, having a dominant presence in the country, and a growing global footprint
  • Our team comprises of globally experienced engineers and technicians providing dedicated customer support right through all stages to ensure an on-time delivery of products at the highest quality

Our Global Presence

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