• We are a ISO 9001-2015 certified organization, adhering to the highest quality standards in the Motor Starting Solution space. We pride ourselves on having the highest level of satisfaction among our customers when it comes to delivering our set specifications
  • We also conduct a regular audit of our vendor works to ensure that the best materials are sourced during procurement

CPRI Type Tests

  • Our designs are type tested at CPRI for 6.6KV and 11KV insulation ratings as per standards specified for reactors as per IEC-60076-6
S.No Name of Type Test Test details
01 Lightning impulse test, - FCMAplus coil 76 kv peak impulse voltage
02 Dc current injection test, current injection - FCMAplus coil 1200amps for 120s
03 FCMAplus soft starter panel IP 55 Category 2 test
04 Short circuit test - FCMAplus soft starter with bypass breaker 40kA RMS for 100kA peak on main circuit
05 Lightning impulse test, Test voltage - Motor feeder panel (ISO- Fuse- VC) ; 75KV peak
06 Lightning impulse test, FCMA plus coils - 13.8KV 60-Hz 95KV peak

VPI – Vacuum Pressure Impregenation

VPI is the gold standard in MV equipments. We adopt a unique process of impregnating our coils with resin to ensure that it enters each turn, layer and interstice. This allows the coil to be a single rigid mass, allowing for unmatched rigidity and insulation integrity. This allows for mechanically rigid coils while maintaining strong insulation and heat dissipation properties.