Design & Engineering

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Our VPI technology, unique amongst our competitors, allows for greater rigidity to our coils, to ensure each turn, layer and interstice is impregnated with resin, allowing for unmatched rigidity and insulation integrity. This indispensable feature allows for greater longevity of our soft starters vis-à-vis our competitors.

Lecon energetics has VPI technology that allows greater rigidity for soft starter types.
Impedance Measurement of detuned reactors is conducted by Lecon energetics for motors

Impedance Measurement

We separate ourselves from the competition by measuring the impedance of the reactor coils which guarantees the starting current of the motor as promised to the customer. We follow strict quality norms outlined in IEC-60076-6, ensuring the customer gets the most accurate impedance measurement possible.

Short Time Temperature Rise Test

We conduct a short rise temperature test (current injection test) to ensure our coils withstand the temperature rise associated with the operation of soft starter motors. It is critical to have coils withstand the increase in temperature associated with a sudden increase in temperature. We inject DC current to ensure that coils withstand the starting current for twice the amount of acceleration time that the coils are designed for.

Lecon conducts Short circuit test for soft starters to withstands temperature rise
Lecon offers 3-D modelling capabilities for customized soft starters

3-D Modelling Capability: Solidworks

We offer 3-D modelling capabilities to ensure customer is made aware of the customized design that he is receiving. These designs give our customers confidence and reassurance of the product that they are going to receive.