Switchgear - VCB and VC Panels

Switchgear Panels – Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) and Vacuum Contactor (VC) Panels

VCB Panels:

  • We offer Vacuum Circuit Breaker panels with VCB manufactured by our channel partner ABB and offer protection relay, voltage, and current metering as per customer specifications . We use VCBs rated from 630A , 25kA , 3.3kV to 2000 Amps to 11 KV , 40 kA ratings.
  • The VCB panel line up with 2 incomers, bus couplers, and motor feeder panels are are also offered as per the customer requirements.

Lecon’s switchgear and control panels are comprised of VCB, protection relay, voltage and current metering up to 11kV. In the event of an electrical surge, an effective switchgear will ensure the interruption of power and protect the system from damage. It is also used for de-energizing equipment for safe testing and maintenance. We manufacture both medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, in circuits involving motors, feeder circuits and generators.

Lecon Energetics metal enclosed indoor type switchgear use primarily a Vacuum Circuit Breaker and / or Vacuum Contactor as the switching device. The panels can be used as a feeder panel, incomer panel or as a bus coupler. We customize each of our panels based on customer requirements, to allow for specific applications of the panel. Our panels are engineered robustly with precise consideration of protection relays settings for close protection of the motors.

Our switchgear panels have been installed in different industries ranging from HVAC, Water Supply, Oil and Gas. Applications also include Steel, Fertilizers, Thermal generation; pretty much in any industry!

Vacuum Contactor Panels:

  • Motor feeder panels with Isolator, fuse and vacuum contactor with metering and protection can be also be offered as per customer requirements
  • These panels are type tested in CPRI.


Switchgear – Vacuum Contactor (VC) 
and Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels



Switchgear – Vacuum Contactor (VC) 
and Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels