PF Correction Panels

PF Correction Panels

    Lecon’s (Automatic) Power Factor Correction Capacitor Panels are used to improve the power factor on the customer’s grid. The capacitor banks are divided into smaller steps and switch according to the requirements to improve the power factor of the system.

    Free standing cubicle with PF corrector capacitor and inhouse manufactured smoothing / detuned reactors protection fuses and isolator is offered as one of our standard products. We offer automatic PF correction panels with inhouse manufactured smoothing / detuned reactors up to 11KV. The panel can be customized with customer preferred make of relay and capacitors.



    The free standing cubicle of Lecon energetics has power factor correction capacitor


Lecon is a leading apfc panel manufacturer in india which improves the power factor


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage 415V to 13.8 kV
Panel Operational Range Upto 10 MVAR
Application Bus Capacitor, Motor Terminal
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature Operation Range 0oC to 55oC
Installation Indoor
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Capacitors ABB/EPCOS/As per customer requirement
Standard IEC
Construction PF Capacitors, Series Reactor – 0.2%, 6% or as per customer requirement. Air-Core, Vacuum Pressure Epoxy Impregnated, switchgear as per customer specs enclosed in panel
Conductor Electrolytic Copper/Aluminum
Power Factor Upto Unity (1) Power Factor
Series Reactor kvar 0.2%, 6% or as per customer requirement