FCMA Soft Starter with PF Panels

MV Soft Starter with PF Panels (3-3.5Ifl*)

  • FCMAplus soft starters are air-core based series reactors as per IEC 60076-6 and IS555-3 that provide a complete starting solution for any motor application (pumps, compressors, fans etc.)
  • FCMAplus soft starter panels are designed specific to each motor, analyzing motor and load torque speed curves, current speed, and moment of inertia. Starting current can be typically reduced to 3-3.5Ifl* (Full Load Current)
  • Soft Starters are provided with a bypass device (vacuum contactor or vacuum circuit breaker) of customer preferred make. The common soft starter with PF panel can be provided for both neutral and line side configurations
  • These panels reduce the space, cables, and cable terminations. Common soft starter and Power Factor panels can be offered with any make of capacitors, capacitor protection relay and inhouse manufactured smoothing reactor
  • When required by the customer, we can offer a VCB panel with MPR and metering for switching the motor
  • We use a closed loop control using a PLC to control the starter operation
  • MV FCMAplus soft starters are upto 80% cheaper than an electronic soft starter while providing flexible reduced voltage starting

*These are typical starting current values based on design and customer experience. Actual measurement may vary based on actual site condition.