FCMA Soft Starter - Open Execution Model

LT Soft Starters - Open Execution Model

  • FCMAplus soft starters are air-core based series reactors as per IEC 60076-6 and IS555-3 that provide a complete starting solution for any motor application (pumps, compressors, fans etc.)
  • FCMAplus soft starter panels are designed specific to each motor, analyzing motor and load torque speed curves, current speed, and moment of inertia. Starting current can be typically reduced to 3-3.5Ifl* (Full Load Current)
  • The module that can be offered to be fixed in the customer Motor Feeder panel/ Motor control centers. These modules will have custom designed FCMAplus modules with bypass contactors/ACB and mounted on a structure
  • Motor acceleration torque should be over 10 percent than load to ensure healthy acceleration within the thermal withstand time of the motor. Starting current is typically reduced to 3-3.5Ifl*
  • Control circuit is to be built by customer in their panel
  • LT FCMAplus soft starters are 30% cheaper than an electronic soft starter while providing flexible reduced voltage starting

*These are typical starting current values based on design and customer experience. Actual measurement may vary based on actual site condition.